Uniform daily package rate for all the visitors

Every tourist visiting Bhutan will be required to pay a uniform daily package rate within the next five years, regardless of nationality. The Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) plans to fast track this measure to achieve the High Value Low Volume policy. As per the policy statement, the government will be working towards a single tourism system by 2030.

While the international tourists pay a minimum daily package rate ranging from 200 to 250 US dollars, regional tourists are exempted from paying this rate. They pay a sustainable development fee of Nu 1,200 daily. As a result, more regional tourists visited Bhutan in the past years. According to the TCB, of the 315,000 visitors in 2019, regional tourists constituted close to 78 per cent. Regional tourists are those from Bangladesh, India and the Maldives. Visitors from the rest of the world are international tourists.

Through the Tourism Policy, the TCB plans to diversify tourism products beyond culture and trekking tours and make Bhutan a year-round travel destination. Currently, tourism in Bhutan is seasonal. Tourist visits peak during the months of April, May and October and drops to around four per cent of the total arrivals during February and July.

Digital Booklet on the Village Home Stays

In commemoration of His Majesty’s 40th Birth Anniversary, and also coinciding with the World Tourism Day under the theme “Tourism and Rural Development”, TCB has launched the digital booklet on the Village Home Stays in Bhutan. The objective of this publication is to disseminate information and promote VHS to the visitors at home and abroad.

Village Home Stays plays an important role in providing accommodation services to visitors mainly in rural areas. It is an opportunity for visitors to stay with the host family and get a genuine and firsthand experience of lifestyle in rural areas. For the host family, it is an opportunity to earn additional income through tourism and improve their livelihoods. Apart from accommodation services, Villahe Home Stays also organizes exciting activities such as village tours, hot stone bath, farm work, cultural programs and many more.

As of now, there are 157 Village Home Stays across the country.

Postal Museum – Bhutan Post

The Bhutan Postal Museum was established in 2015 on 7th November to celebrate the 60th Birth Anniversary of The Fourth King of Bhutan His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck. The attainment of the sixty is auspicious in Bhutan, and it is referred to as the completion of one Rabjung.

The postal museum narrates the story of the evolution of communication, transportation and postal services in Bhutan through different phase of the changing time. The story is told through the collection of various anecdotes, artifacts and the rich assortment of stamps the country has produced over the years.

The museum comprises of five galleries. There is also an area for multimedia where documentaries related to postal system are screened.

Adjacent to the Postal Museum is the Philately shop, which specializes in personalized stamps. This shop will develop the stamp with your own photos, and one can literally send post cards using these photo stamps of yours. There are traditional Bhutanese handmade souvenirs in this shop too.

The museum is located on the ground floor of the Bhutan Postal Corporation Limited Head Quarter Building in the heart of Thimphu City. The museum is rich in wisdom, and walking the galleries will have us shower with ultimate coverage of entire Bhutan History.


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