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Namgay Tshering

Wandue Phodrang – Western Bhutan

With first-hand knowledge, experience and expertise in adventure activities, I have guided guests from all over the world. Over several years, I have researched and established a number of unique routes based on my extensive travels on foot to different parts of the country, mostly to places well off the beaten track to villages, communities and remote habitats that have rarely seen outsiders, and are little known even to most Bhutanese. My travels resulted in heart-warming encounters with unforgettable people, and led me to discover places of unimaginable beauty.

I sincerely want to share my travel experiences and the beauty of what Bhutan has to offer with many visitors from across the world. The focus of Namgay Adventure Travels is to introduce visitors to the people and aspects of Bhutan that they might not see with other, more conventional travel services

Meet the Team


Thimphu – Western Bhutan 

I am Namgay’s oldest daughter. I traveled abroad for the first time in 2014 to live with the Bechhofer family in Boston. I became a volunteer intern at Thomson Family Adventures and after coming home, I completed my guiding course, got my license, and passionately joined my father’s team as a guide.


Lhuntse – Eastern Bhutan 

Tharchen, born in Lhuntse, Bhutan, is a humble and well-behaved individual with a helpful and accommodating personality. He is knowledgeable and experienced in guiding, and his friendly demeanor is complemented by his passion for photography. Enjoy your trip with Thachen!


Punakha – Western Bhutan 

Ugyen, a colleague and friend of Namgay from Punakha, has been a guide since 1998, offering cultural and trekking tours. He is well-traveled, adaptive, and patient with a great sense of humor. He is also a skilled trek chef, providing delicious hot meals on safe mountain treks.

Phub Lham

Thimphu – Western Bhutan 

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Punakha – Western Bhutan 

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Dorji brings excitement and energy to our work by combining ideas, comprehending and aligning with your travel preferences, and offering expert recommendations on destinations and sights to visit. Locals, like Dorji, provide a unique and personalized experience due her knowledge and connection to the area.

Kinley Om

Thimphu – Western Bhutan 

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Compared to a decade ago, the digital world is more integrated into our daily life. However, technology is not the only factor in marketing’s future; talent and technology work together to produce results that will benefit businesses for many years. Check out NAT’s social media platforms and read our blogs!


Trashigang – Eastern Bhutan 

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In Bhutan, the only mode of transportation is road trips, and Palden, also known as Paley, is a fun and responsible driver with great patience. Enjoy the journey with Palden.


Trashigang – Eastern Bhutan 

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In Bhutan, traveling is only possible through road trips, and Kezang plays a crucial role as a driver with his exceptional skills, patience, and responsibility towards the safety of all passengers.


Trashigang – Eastern Bhutan 

In Bhutan, road trips are the only way to get around. Kunzang possesses exceptional driving skills, patience, and a strong sense of responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.