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Our Stance On People

The smallest change can make the biggest difference.

Our Stance On People

As a small local family run Bhutanese tour operator in Bhutan, we work with the community to generate employment and encourage economic development while also protecting and valuing Bhutan’s cultural and natural heritage.

Always Better Together

We have a dedicated team of local staff who are skilled and satisfied with their roles. This includes freelance guides, drivers, an office manager, an office assistant, guides, cleaners, all of whom are able to perform their responsibilities both in the office and on-site in a professional and safe manner.

We provide our employees with competitive pay and an annual bonus. Additionally, all of our employees are covered by personal accident insurance, and we also have a group insurance plan in place for medical and health-related matters. We have a retirement benefit plan in the form of a Provident Fund account with the Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan. We also ensure our employees are equipped to handle inclement weather conditions and provide an annual clothing allowance for appropriate attire. Our company relies on the expertise and support of our guides and employees to run successful trips.

Giving back isn’t a BIG thing. It is millions of small things

We strive to ensure that NAT holidays have a positive impact on the local population by paying for various services such as local guides, farm life experiences, visits to heritage homes, hot stone baths, home-cooked meals, catering services, cleansing ceremonies, astrological readings, traditional healing visits, weaving demonstrations, school visits and photography opportunities.

When trekking in remote or mountainous areas, our trekking crew serves as valuable companions. They are skilled and physically capable, able to move quickly through the terrain while carrying all necessary equipment. We highly value and appreciate their contributions, as their skills are greatly valued in the Bhutanese tourism industry.

We require all of our trekking contractors to fairly compensate their crew members, adhere to weight limits for their equipment, and provide adequate provisions such as food, clothing, and shelter.

Generosity in Action

In 2008, we teamed up with Generosity in Action, based on Oakland California, a non for profit organization that provides a structure for travelers to support local villages and people. GIA program Coordination with local tour operators insure that donations are properly applied to the projects intended.

Generosity in Action helps to implement, safeguards and provides a tax-deductible foundation for travelers’ charitable contributions. These initiatives range from building a school and drilling a well in Burma to supporting various projects in southern Africa, as well as providing textbooks to schools in Peru. Our Backroads tourists’ generous donations have benefited the Chorten Nebu monastery in Punakha, the Shali Pankha Monastic School in Gaselo, Wangdue, and a female child initiative in Bhutan called “Girls Too”.

Review recent programs, learn how our travelers initiate projects, and how to support existing charitable organizations.

A Rainbow in someone’s cloud

In 2014, during a trek through the remote villages of Merak and Sakteng, we utilized the services of a locally-hired camp crew. We shared meals, learned each other’s names, and gained a deeper understanding of one another’s cultures. Through spending six days together in this way, our relationship with the crew members was greatly enhanced. We felt safe and comfortable throughout our journey.

One of the three English-speaking lunch boys, we subsequently learned, was a high school dropout who had scored above 80% in math and science subjects, but his grades in English had prevented him from getting accepted into the only free government engineering institution in Bhutan, despite his interest in studying civil engineering.

When of the hikers heard this, he shared similar study experiences from our lunch boy. Was the order in which events transpired a coincidence? There could be billions of connections from previous lives, as the Bhutanese believe, but you never know, do you? Everything happens for a reason, they say, and I think this was the case when four of our visitors generously and joyfully wished to sponsor 50% of our Lunch Boy’s college tuition in India supplemented with a matching contribution from Namgay.

The protagonist of my story is an aspiring civil engineer who currently bases his building business in Gelephu, Bhutan.