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Ancient Capital


Arriving in Mongar is a welcome respite from the seemingly endless turns of the journey over the Thrumshingla Pass. Mongar is a small town built on the side of a hill instead of next to the river on the falley floor like other towns in the kingdom.

Dramitse Village

The 18km detour up chir pine forests to the Dramitse Goemba from the Thungdari (81km from Mongar) is insightful but  provides a bumpy and dusty ride. The road has numerous long hairpin twists and turns till you reach the majestic mountain top from where you can see the faraway mountain ranges at par.

Drametse Point offers you a panoramic view of the villages of Ozorong, Kanglung, Yonphula, Rongthong, and Rangshikhar, all on the other side of the mountain across the Drangme chhu (Trashigang river).  Drametse and the surrounding villages showcase ancient Bhutan and how people used to live in settlements not far away from each other but within range.  Being on the top, Drametse sunrise and sunsets are spectacular and the scene overlooking the villages down the foothills is truly breathtaking.

Aja Nye

Another sacred site in Mongar is the renowned Aja Ney. Pilgrims from all parts of Bhutan come together here to receive blessings and wash away their sins. A rock that bears 100 renditions of the sacred syllable “Aa,” is said to have been discovered by Guru Padmasambhava.