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Thimphu Festivals

Spiritual expressions


  • Experience Bhutan’s natural and spiritual splendor on this trip, which also includes excursions to off-the-beaten-path villages and temples. While on this cultural holiday in Bhutan, the festivals and cultural activities that are enjoyed is primarily centered on Buddhist culture and heritage.
  • The sacred chham dances are each festival’s centerpiece. For hundreds of years, the old sacred dances have been passed down from one person to another. To master the precise movements and positions required for the performance, monks must complete a lengthy training.
  • Bhutanese see “Chham or Buddhist dances” as a visualization meditation, a tribute to ancient times and a physical representation of order, mastery, and transmitted power.
  • Bhutanese joyfully commemorating Buddha’s life through Buddhist festivals.
  • Mule routes, mountain passes, farms, villages, and farmhouses, as well as temples and monasteries located on peaks and ridges, rural homes, and distinctive architecture.
  • Daily interactions with a diversity of individuals, including farmers, riders, shopkeepers, bar owners, weavers, monks, teachers, and kids, all of whom are continuously kind, responsive to our interest in them, and genuinely keen to learn more about us.
  •  Practice and competition in archery.
  • Culture and history.
  •  Local shops, textiles, and handmade goods.
  • Climb herders’ paths to admire valley vistas and colorful prayer flags.
  •  Hike to Tiger’s Nest

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The capital of Bhutan, is unique in that it is the only capital city in the world without traffic lights. Instead, traffic is regulated by human police officers. Bhutan uses Gross National Happiness as a measure of progress.  The country’s spectacular Himalayan landscapes and unique culture make it a popular destination for adventurous travellers.  Bhutan is remote and mysterious, but welcoming to visitors with open minds.

The three day festivals bring Thimphu to a virtual standstill. The “Dance of the Lords of the Cremation Grounds” and the “Dance of the Terrifying Deities,” in just two of the most revered traditional performances, the embodiment of all Buddhas, Guru Rinpoche, assumes the form of “Fierce Thunderbolt” (Dorje Dragpo) to free evil spirits into the greater field of happiness by destroying demons. Numerous Bhutanese from rural villages and also other parts of the country journey to Thimphu to attend.   In addition to the festival’s theatrical performances, Atsaras, who dance and playfully tease people are another big draw for attendees. To promote community health and safety activities, humorous performances are also usually shown.