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Festival Tours

A true and inspiring entrance into Bhutanese Buddhism

thimphu festival (1)

Thimphu festival or Tshechu is the popular and biggest of all the festivals in Bhutan. Every year the festival occurs in-between late September to early October during the fall.

thimphu festival (2)

Paro Festival Tour

The Paro festival in Bhutan is a vibrant celebration of Bhutanese culture and traditions, featuring traditional dances, music, and rituals. It is held annually in the Paro valley and attracts thousands of visitors from around the world.

punakha-festival (1)

Punakha Festival Tour

The Punakha Festival in Bhutan is an annual celebration that takes place in the Punakha Dzong. It features traditional Bhutanese dances and performances, as well as the unfurling of a large religious thangka.