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Cultural Tours

Western Bhutan Walking Holiday

This five-day trekking journey includes trips to remote temples and stops in rural settlements. Autumn and spring  are when Buddhism festivals are most prominent.

Spiritual Adventure In Bhutan

This tour is easy to start, becomes energetic as it goes along, and offers opportunities to soak in the country’s unadulterated natural and spiritual splendor.

Cultural Connection & Homestay

Engage with the people and have a traditional hot stone bath in addition to sleeping beneath the rafters of an old farmhouse.

Buddhism & Luxury Camping

In addition to paths and mule roads, high mountain passes, farms, villages, and farmhouses, there are also temples and monasteries located on peaks and ridges, rural homes, and distinctive architecture.

Buddhism Cultural Holiday

Bhutan’s nine-day custom tour centers on cultural awareness, learning more about Bhutanese Buddism, and spiritual enlightenment.