Buddhism Cultural Holiday


Buddhism Cultural Holiday

Bhutan’s nine-day custom tour centers on cultural awareness, learning more about Bhutanese Buddhism, and spiritual enlightenment.

All the visits at Monasteries, Museums, and Temples, opens up to Bhutan’s rich cultural heritage and Buddhism practices till now. 

This nine-day journey to Bhutan can be tailored to your travel preferences, allowing you to immerse yourself in Bhutan’s spirituality and Buddhist traditions while retracing the paths of previous pilgrims.

The Tour's Highlights

  • Valleys, farms and villages, and farm homes, temples and monasteries perched on peaks and ridges, footpaths and mule tracks, high mountain passes, and rural families, and distinctive architecture.
  • Daily engagements with farmers, horsemen, shopkeepers, bar owners, weavers, monks, teachers, children, and others who are always friendly and interested in learning more about us.
  • Archery practice/tournaments
  • Culture and History
  • Textiles, art and craft and Local Markets.
  • Ascend herders’ trails to find valley views and colorful prayer flags.
  • Family Stay in Phobjikha
  • One-night wilderness camp high in the Himalaya and a fabulous day trek to Tiger’s Nest

Itinerary - Tour Plan


DAY 01

Day 1: Paro’s spiritual and cultural heritage

The Paro region’s cultural landmarks are remarkably similar to the elaborate and exquisite fabrics locals wear during the valley’s annual festival. Explore Rinpung Dzong, also known as the “fortress with a heap of diamonds” by the locals. 


Next visit the Ta Dzong, which was built as a watchtower to protect Rinpung Dzong from intruders and hostile parties. It is located right above Rinpung Dzong on a ridge. Today, it houses an intriguing collection of works of art, artifacts, religious thangka paintings, exquisite Bhutanese postal stamps, coins, handicrafts, and a small natural history collection.


This first excursion aims to introduce you to Bhutan’s history and to learn about the country’s culture because it contains all that is Bhutanese in a fascinatingly unusual museum setting.


DAY 02

Day 2: Thimphu-Cruising the capital’s cultural core

Thimphu is home to some of the country’s most technologically advanced and isolated regions, making it a fascinating blend of history and modernity. We will show you various cultural sites, including nunneries, parks, museums, dzongs, chortens, temples, and more. Permit oneself to interact with both traditional and modern artists.


DAY 03

Day 3: Tango Monastery Hike


Get Involved with Local Temple Life! It takes an hour to walk through a rhododendron woodland to reach Tango monastery. Perched on a slope with a view of the forested mountains, it is truly a retreat. Tango is one of Bhutan’s most important Buddhist universities. The horse-head-shaped rock at the top is where the name “horse’s head” came from. 


You have a wonderful opportunity to engage in local temple life when you visit Tango Monastery. Light a butter lamp to express your grief and that of your family and friends. Make an offering to dedicate the merits with the hope that people who are suffering and their causes will end. Make modest offerings for the departed to facilitate their transition into the afterlife with the hope that they would reconnect with a sincere spiritual path in the future.



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