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Sustainable Travel Practice


We strive to make your travel experience unique and enjoyable by tailoring our suggestions and ideas to match your specific interests and preferences. As locals, we have insider knowledge and can provide personalized recommendations for places to visit and things to do. By traveling with us, you will not only have a memorable trip but also contribute to responsible tourism in Bhutan.

Walking, Hiking, cycling and Homestay Holidays

We specialize in eco-friendly walking, hiking, cycling, and homestay holidays that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the local culture and natural beauty of Bhutan. We believe that these activities are the best way to explore the country as they are less harmful to the environment and allow you to experience the small, unique details that make Bhutan special. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy locally sourced food, meet interesting people, and become a part of the landscape.

Conservation and livelihood development initiatives

We take you on hiking trips through the Jigme Dorji National Park, Bhutan’s second largest protected area. The fees you pay to enter the park go towards supporting conservation and community development initiatives managed by the Nature Recreation and Eco-tourism Division of the Department of Forestry.

Partners of Conservation

We are proud to be recognized as “Partners of Conservation” by the Bhutanese government for our efforts in preserving biodiversity in the country. Our membership fees go towards supporting the Department of Forests and Park Services in their efforts to protect wildlife and improve the lives of rural communities.

Home Stay Bhutan Holidays

Our homestay programs are designed to provide an alternative source of income for farmers, which helps to reduce migration to urban areas and promote more equitable distribution of tourism-related revenue between rural and urban regions.

Plastic free holidays

We take steps to minimize our use of single-use plastic by purchasing drinks in refillable containers and providing reusable water bottles. When plastic bottles are necessary, we ensure that they are recycled and properly disposed of. We also avoid using disposable plastics and opt for reusable items, such as durable plastic bags for keeping clothes dry during a trip, which can be used again for future guests.

Spend local

We support local communities by encouraging our guests to purchase authentic arts and crafts made by local artisans as a way to generate income for the community.

For all of our longer hiking holidays, we purchase food supplies from local grocery stores and farmer’s markets to support local businesses and communities.

For carrying food, we use traditional bamboo containers (zem) that are hand-made by rural communities in Zhemgang, Bhutan.

We use traditional, locally-made bamboo baskets (bangchung) from distant Trashiyangtse villages to distribute dried fruits and Bhutanese snacks to our guests.  As a farewell gift, we also provide homemade incense from remote Phobjikha.

To minimize our environmental impact, we use the same vehicles for transportation and carrying food and equipment, which reduces the use of fuel and emissions.

We appreciate our guests’ understanding and support of our sustainable practices.

Giving Back

In 2008, we teamed up with Generosity in Action, based on Oakland California, a non for profit organization that provides a structure for travelers to support local villages and people. GIA program Coordination with local tour operators insure that donations are properly applied to the projects intended.

Generosity in Action assists in having controls in place and can provide a tax-deductible foundation for travelers' generosity. Projects range from providing text books to schools in Peru to digging a well and building a school in Burma to coordinating donations for many projects in southern Africa. Our Backroads travelers offered generous donations to Chorten Nebu monastery in Punakha, Shali Pankha Monastic school in Gaselo, Wangdue and a girl child program simply called “Girls Too” through Generosity in Action in Bhutan too!

Review recent programs, learn how our travelers initiate projects, and how to support existing charitable organizations.

And most recently, we have been able to help two young, inspired enthusiastic boys to graduate Civil
Engineering studies from PSNA College of engineering and Technology, Tamil