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why is bhutan famous

5 Fun Facts about Bhutan

Have you ever paused to appreciate the value of cultures and traditions that have been passed down through many generations? Whether it’s partaking in ancient rituals or reciting age-old wisdom, embracing traditional values can lead to richer understanding of your personal history.

Learning more about these customs will offer you invaluable insight and a newfound appreciation of your past, your ancestors and ultimately yourself.  Here, I am talking about Bhutan!

Bhutan is a country full of fun facts and surprises. From the concept of Gross National Happiness to the vibrant festivals, the country offers an intriguing mix of culture and traditions. What’s more, its strict tourism policy, along with its commitment to environmental preservation, has kept the country unspoiled by the modern world, with no traffic lights, no skyscrapers, no fast-food joints, and no artificial touch-ups or landmarks.   All this combined makes Bhutan a country of happiness, wisdom, and natural beauty.

Here are some fun facts about Bhutan that make it stand out as a special place: its concept of Gross National Happiness, impressive tourism policy, environmental preservation, untouched natural landmarks, no sight of traffic lights and high-rise skyscrapers or elevators, respect for citizen sentiments and its free education and health care for each and everyone in the country!

 Bhutan’s History of Gross National Happiness

why is bhutan famous?
Smiling Faces Of Bhutanese Nuns

The definition of success has traditionally been focused on economic growth, but have you ever considered alternative methods? The nation of Bhutan decided to try something a little different — over 40 years ago! 

The concept of Gross National Happiness was established in the 1970s with a focus on a nation’s citizens and their overall well-being, quality of life and happiness.

This holistic approach measures progress beyond just economic figures, providing a broader assessment of how citizens are faring and how satisfied they are with their circumstances. It’s certainly food for thought and serves as an important reminder that there’s more to life than money and profit.

The Colourful Festivals of Bhutan

why is bhutan famous?
Colorful Festivals Of Bhutan

In Bhutan, with more than 20 festivals, there is so much to take in – from captivating performances and daring fire events to mysterious dances and educational re-enactments.  Whether it’s paying respect to wrathful deities in life’s course and afterlife, watching gorgeous flowers bloom in full color, enjoying majestic, black-necked cranes in glacial valleys, thanksgiving rituals for the gift of bountiful harvests, or visiting the rugged highlands to witness their festivals, Bhutan overflows with unique ways of celebrating. 

Nowhere else on earth will you experience such a vivid reflection of the country’s rich Buddhist heritage – truly an experience of a lifetime!

Growing up in Bhutan, I remember looking forward to the annual festivals all year. Not only were they exciting events, but the process of dressing up in traditional Bhutanese wear – with vibrant kiras, silk tegos and stylish shoes – would bring joy to any kid.  Little did I know at the time that these festivities brought people together and reinvigorated their spirits. 

Fast-forwarding to now, it’s even more clear how vital community celebrations are in uniting people and giving them a sense of purpose. That’s why this week I’m reflecting on my fondest childhood memories of Bhutanese festivals – while I also look ahead toward many more joyous years!

Bhutan’s Tourism Policy

why is bhutan famous?
Paro Taksang – Bhutan

Bhutan has been championing the low-volume, high-value approach to tourism for decades — and the pandemic only strengthened its commitment to it. In the face of the virus, Bhutan maintained strict limits on tourists to safeguard local communities.

Yet that hasn’t come at the cost of its traditions or cultures.  Rather, with better policies and improved connectivity, it’s still looking for ways to introduce travellers to its majestic Himalayan peaks and its traditional values. 

The rewards can be immense — from deepening local communities’ appreciation for their heritage and creating more economic opportunities to showing the world the wisdom that comes with treating all life with reverence and respect. This is one powerful reminder of what sustainable tourism can achieve when people come together! 

Working in the tourism industry has allowed me to explore the traditional lifestyle and culture of my country and be proud of it!  I’ve come to realize that protecting our culture is just as important.  The culture shock people from the western world experience when visiting us is incredible.

Tourism has taught me how valuable our traditions are, and how powerful an experience travel can be when you get off the beaten track.

I have learned that we’ve been living with simplicity and practicality for ages, and it is amazing how many people from the West are so taken aback by our traditional lifestyle! From walking on original ancient forest paths, to bathing with buckets of water, to fearlessly drinking from an open spring source to enjoying a leisurely pace of life – this is how we’ve been doing things for a long time and now our lifestyle has become something ‘novel’ to people from wealthy countries who come visit us. It’s funny how sometimes we feel primitive yet so smart when faced with the lavish lifestyles of outsiders.

Environmental Preservation in Bhutan

why is bhutan famous?
Green Forests of Bhutan

In the pursuit of progress, too often we forget that our environment needs just as much care as the communities within it. For those who understand that and put it into practice, one place comes to mind: Bhutan!

Home to pristine forests, national parks and rich in natural habitats, Bhutan sets an example for environmental stewardship.  From clean water sources and abundant wildlife to environmentally friendly practices, Bhutan truly serves as a prime example of environmental prosperity. 

It’s true: nature and humanity are inexorably linked, so by preserving its environmental safety, Bhutan is investing in a safer future for all its citizens.

The Uniqueness of Bhutan – efficient implementation of limited resources – Policemen take on the role of traffic lights.

why is bhutan famous?
Biggest intersections in Bhutan’s capital of Thimphu,

Take a step back in time and imagine a place without traffic lights and congested highways — this is what life looks like in Bhutan.  Smart policemen standing at intersections with outstretched hands waving to vehicles serve as traffic controllers. There’s no need for complicated road signals.

To keep up the spirit, one of the biggest intersections in Bhutan’s capital of Thimphu, one time, featured a set of lights for a few days before it was quickly removed due to low vehicle volume!   Take away from this, the idea that if you do things smartly, the traffic stops. 

The greatest power of any story is that it can move you – and it can move you to create a new one. – anonymous. 

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