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Bhutan is a politically safe and peaceful country. Occurrence of theft and loss of possessions, in particular those involving tourists, is rare. Still, please be careful against an open display of money.

Royal Family
Bhutanese have a deep, traditional reverence for the Royal Family, and hold their king and other members of the Royal Family in the highest regard.

Bhutanese are mostly Buddhists. Please dress neatly in all religious shrines and public places. It is all right to wear shoes, hats and scarves when walking around the compound of a Buddhist temple, but not in the temple. All statues and paintings, large or small, ruined or not, are holy. Pointing with your finger at statues, paintings or people is not right. If you must, please point with your right arm, your palm open and facing upwards and your thumb folded inside.

If you want to get close up shots of people, please first ask. Photography is not permitted inside temples, monasteries and Dzongs.

Local Guide accompanying you on your tours
A competent/resourceful guide plays key function to transference of cultural understanding and achieving a good level of satisfaction from your holiday experience. You will be accompanied by a guide throughout the duration of your stay in Bhutan.

Open Minded
Many aspects of life will be different when you leave home. One of the main reasons for travel is to learn about and experience these differences!

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