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With first-hand knowledge, experience and expertise in adventure activities, I have guided guests from all over the world. Over several years, I have researched and established a number of unique routes based on my extensive travels on foot to different parts of the country, mostly to places well off the beaten track to villages, communities and remote habitats that have rarely seen outsiders, and are little known even to most Bhutanese. My travels resulted in heart-warming encounters with unforgettable people, and led me to discover places of unimaginable beauty.

I sincerely want to share my travel experiences and the beauty of what Bhutan has to offer with many visitors from across the world.

The focus of Namgay Adventure Travels is to introduce visitors to the people and aspects of Bhutan that they might not see with other, more conventional travel services.


I’m  Namgay’s older daughter.  I had my first opportunity to travel abroad in 2014.  I was invited to live with the Bechhofer family in Boston!  I was so lucky.  David & Kate, Alan and Terri came to Bhutan in 2013 as our clients and god blessed me with a joyful American Family.  Never had I been so far away from Bhutan, different language, different culture, I was accepted as a volunteer intern at Thomson Family Adventures, everything changed for me and I never turned back.  I came home, did my guiding course, got my license, passionately shadowed my father on his trips and slowly worked my way to join his team!



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