Enquiry Form Private Day Trips for local expatriates & Visitors from SAARC nations

Private Day Trips for local expatriates & visitors from SAARC nations

Namgay’s Private Day Trips for local expatriates
and visitors from SAARC nations

Citizens of India, Bangladesh and Maldives don't have to organize their trip to Bhutan through a package with a government-approved local agent and pay the minimum tariff, set by the government.   This means that travelling to Bhutan for those citizens is a great deal cheaper, as you pay only for actual services used.   This too means that you can deal with private day trips and private transfers on your own.   Handling every part of the trip on your own in an unfamiliar destination can be complicated, exhausting and time consuming.   We have seen large groups of friends, private family groups, newly wedded couples and senior visitors on anniversary celebrations in Bhutan.  Lingering about feeling misplaced and puzzled!  

So, let us help you!  Let us put together your day trips to must-see local attractions that promise real and distinctive experiences.  We will provide you a vehicle for safe transfers with a competent driver and a local Bhutanese guide for the day.  For those visitors who enjoy biking, we can arrange a bike for you at Rs. 2200 per bike/day.  For those interested in adventurous outdoor multi-sport experiences, we also ​arrange ​day hikes, blood-pumping high altitude treks, ​rafting and kayaking adventures.

A local guide on tour is the key to a successful holiday. We will introduce you to places and people and take you on trails that stimulate local interaction. Our guide ensures that you have real connections with the people, the landscape, the culture and the environment. The shared intention will be to be open and available to the people we meet and the places we visit, and use all that we experience to soften our hearts and open our minds.

Plan private day trips with us any time, the choice is yours !​



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