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Walking & Hiking

  • Bhutan walking holidays give travelers a chance to unearth the spirit of Asia where remote rural regions in the country are about with forests and mountains whilst rhododendrons and magnolia stretch for as far as the eye can
  • Walking takes in many aspects of day-to-day life for local people with trips to rural villages and temple tours ensuring you experience both the natural and the spiritual beauty of the lesser-visited, peaceful province.
  • We make sure not to use motor vehicles wherever possible in order to play our part in maintaining the overriding sense of tranquility as well as conserving fuel and keeping our bodies and the environment as healthy as possible


  • Feel fresh grass under a blanket of stars
  • Add 565+species of birds in your ornithology dictionary
  • Spot wildlife from a boat on the Manas river
  • Take a leisurely walk through pristine nature
  • Hike through the tapestry of Bhutanese colors
  • Explore the wild array of flora and fauna
  • Scroll through protected national parks
  • Relieve city stress in nature’s lap

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