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Throughout Bhutan Multi Activity holidays you’ll be in the company of expert local guides and instructors to ensure your adventure is as culturally enlightening as physically active.


  • Multi Activity tour balances Bhutan’s preserved cultural and religious heritage with guided cycling and hiking tours through the valleys, forests and paddy fields.
  • Although biking in Bhutan can be slightly strenuous you can rest assured that the end certainly justifies the means. Ascents are usually pretty gradual and distances are easily achievable over the course of a day with just a moderate level of fitness.


  • Trekking too, is a case of fortune favours the brave. Treks up to Taksang (Tiger’s Nest) Monastery through the rhododendron forests and soaring Himalayan scenery, local life and beautiful cultural sites all contained within short 2 to 8 day spectacular routes. 


  • Spacious tents are furnished with beds, blankets and thick warm sleeping bags. At night, it gets cold outside the tents but inside with all our thermal sleeping bags and fleece and even hot bottle warmers for our feet, we are very comfortable.

Back roads Walking Trails & rafting

  • Back roads and walking trails are quiet and peaceful with a short international flight from Paro to Bumthang allowing you to experience more of Bhutan’s landscapes including a day of rafting at the confluence of the Mochhu and Pho Chhu rivers.

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